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Review of Versatile Table Clamp
I bought this to attach to my overbed table, as I find a seat frame doesn't work well in bed (I think it's because one's legs aren't weightbearing in bed the same way they would be if you are in a chair).It has a nice deep clamp spacing so it can fit lots of different depths of table edges.The Clamp itself, the clamping screw and the vertical stand bit are wooden. The thumb screw to secure the vertical stand bit and the fixing that holds the embroidery frame are plastic. The 2 bolts, washers and wing nuts are metal.Like other reviewers I'd have liked everything to be wooden, but the plastic frame fixing is nicely designed with a sticky up bit at the back so it sits properly and doesn't have a sci ssor movement when you clamp the frame (always annoying when a fixing swivels a bit and it's hard to clamp this stops that happening). Also, there's raised grip lines in where you put your frame which makes it so much easier to get a decent grip.I'll be using it with a small round frame.Good for the money! Very lightweight so easy to handle to fix to the table (i've got energy issues and muscle weakness) but also strong enough to hold the frame properly. Very pleased with it.
Reviewed by Lois, Gainsborough On 10th July 2016
Review of Versatile Table Clamp
I'm very pleased with this clamp as it can be attached to any table or worktop - if they just are not too thick. The opening is about 4cm (1.5") high, so the edge of your table should be a little bit thinner to fit. I'm very happy it fits in my standing desk - that way I can avoid unhealthy sitting. It is not complicated to assemble if you just look at the photos. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5, is that there are some plastic parts and I thought it would be only wood and metal. Among others, the knob is plastic and for reasons both aesthetical and practical (durability), I would have preferred it to be wooden. Otherwise I got no complaits so far.
Reviewed by Anon On 04th March 2016
Review of Versatile Table Clamp
This wonderful gadget is a must have for all embroiderers. I wish I had treated myself to one years ago, I teach embroidery and I shall be recommending it to my students Great price too.
Reviewed by Melanie Barnes, Llangollen On 17th March 2015
Review of Versatile Table Clamp
I was a bit sceptical that this would be able to hold a 12" hoop firmly enough to stitch on, but it really does! I'm so pleased with it, and just wish I'd bought one earlier.
Reviewed by Anon On 07th March 2015
Review of Versatile Table Clamp
This Table Clamp is wonderful. It fits the different tables that I use, and I could fit my embroidery hoops from sizes 5in to 12in, as well as the Elbesse Easy Rotating Frame. This Clamp makes stitching French Knots a breeze.
Reviewed by Noraini, Singapore On 04th November 2014

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