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Sew Luxe Leather - Over 20 Stylish Leather Craft Accessories

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Sew Luxe Leather is a unique collection of simple but luxurious leather projects to stitch at home with minimum tools and equipment.

This book has a strong fashion-forward focus and is aimed at crafters wanting to make high end leather goods for themselves. It covers all the main techniques for leather craft including machine sewing using a domestic sewing machine as well as hand stitching, scoring, marking, hole punching and adding fastenings, as well as many more. It also features a collection of 20 leather projects including smaller items such as a keyring, card case and earphone holder, right up to large items including a beautiful laptop case and tote bag.

This really is the ultimate leather accessories sewing book for any fashionista.

About the Author: Rosanna Gethin sells her own range of leather jewellery and accessories as well as running workshops for leather crafts from her studio and various venues in the UK. She has a Masters in Textile Design, and started working with leather due to her love of upcycling and repurposing. Her designs have a very contemporary feel: many of them feature geometric shapes and patterns as well as pops of brightly coloured and metallic leather alongside the classic neutrals. She has a decade of teaching experience and has built up an extensive range of skills, which she passes on at her workshops.