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Lowery Workstand with Side Clamp - POWDER COATED SILVER GREY

Lowery Workstand with Side Clamp - POWDER COATED SILVER GREY

Code: 967429
The Lowery Workstand is exceptionally well made by skilled engineers in the UK. These stands are fully adjustable with easy to turn levers and comes complete with a side clamping head, designed to hold both round and rectangular frames.

It can be swung away when you take a break and your frame can be easily flipped over to examine the back of your work.

The base is made from aluminium and can be positioned under a chair leg to add extra stability.
  • Silver Grey version - ideal for the home enthusiast.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Strong & stable.
  • Discreet.
  • Complete range of accessories available below.
  • Made in the UK.


Product Type
Needlework Frame/Hoop

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Customer Reviews

A product that lives up to its claim. I can't think of anything negative to say about this wonderful stand, worth every cent. I also want to give a huge shout out to the customer service, excellent! So glad to have found this site.
Reviewed by Terri, Clearwater On 27th March 2018
Review of Lowery Workstand with Side Clamp - POWDER COATED SILVER GREY
I have severe difficulties with muscle weakness and also lack of energy. I'm pretty much bedbound, so as this Workstand sits at the side, (all the others sit in front of you) it's the only floorstand I could find that would work whilst in bed. it's BRILLIANT!!!!The individual pieces are quite heavy, but once it's all set up, it's just a matter of pushing it away and bringing it forwards and twiddling a few levers - which I can do easily even with my constraints. You don't 'carry' the weight of the Stand at all.It is manufactured in the UK, I couldn't work out how to use the light stand accessory so I called them and they were incredibly helpful. It's still a family enterprise.I am using%2 0a couple of doorstops (filled with sand) to weight the floor plate. And even though I have a magnifying lamp (Naturalight DN1020) attached to it, which weighs 3kg I find it easy to swing towards and away from me, to position and also it's very stable. The only difficulty I have that I hadn't realised is that if you used it on a sofa or chair, you'd swing it away and get up going forwards. If you are in bed, you swing it away and have to shuffle forwards past the upright to then go sideways to get out of the bed (mine's a double). So if you're very crippled, and don't have anyone who can move it out of the way for you, that's something I'd not realised and you might need to consider f or yourself. I bought the extra long arm, and it's the perfect width for me to be right in the middle of my bed, propped up and very comfy to use. The manufacturer says they will alter/ make things to order, so I'm sure if it bothered me enough, they could make me a longer arm with an angle in it so that the stand could be more behind me and therefore easier to get out of bed, but I can shuffle my bum along so it's ok for me.They do say you can use a drawing board etc with it too. When I spoke to them, he said they do something called a Lace Board - which is a flat board with a lip at the front. I'm considering asking SewandSo to find out how much that would be. Cos I reck on the ability to use it for books or magazines or drawing would be great also.Finally the instructions say wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any grubbiness. Do it! I spent most of the first day realising that the screws in particular were a little oily (with manufacturing dirt on it) and got through a lot of tissues wiping it! Fortunately my work is dark colours so any grubbiness transferred won't matter. Once you've done it properly once, there's no transferrance at all and I'm smell sensitive too and the slightly oily manufacturing smell wore off in a matter of hours. One other tip - it comes with blue plastic covering the floorplate. They recommend keeping that on the bottom in the instructions - so save%2 0yourself the effort of trying to put it back on straight and leave it on!I particularly like that it came with the right sized Allen Key for attaching the upright to the base. And was dead easy to put together, though you might need help if you can't handle much weights. You don't need much grip or pushing/ pulling strength to use it either.It's a life changer for me! I'll be able to do embroidery again. I'm thrilled.
Reviewed by Lois, Gainsborough On 10th July 2016
Review of Lowery Workstand with Side Clamp - POWDER COATED SILVER GREY
My Lowery stand has been in almost constant use for more than 10yrs and I wonder how I managed without it for the previous 50+ years.(Yes, I am in my 70s and have been stitching since I was 4yrs old.)To Tracey who says she has trouble with the stand 'toppling'. You MUST keep the frame directly above the stand base (as shown in the picture) or it will over-balance, especially if you are using a large frame - think logically about it !!There is no need to wedge the stand under anything. I like to sit with my feet up, and work with the frame over my lap (just my personal preference as I stitch with one hand above and one beneath my work) so I slide the base under the front of the sofa in the gap between the casters/feet, and have never had a problem.Thank you Mr. Lowery, you're a star.
Reviewed by Anon On 22nd January 2016
Review of Lowery Workstand with Side Clamp - POWDER COATED SILVER GREY
I love my stand ever since I first bought it and have most of the accessories to go with it, I would recommend this item
Reviewed by Kim Mackley, Leicester On 13th November 2015
Review of Lowery Workstand with Side Clamp - POWDER COATED SILVER GREY
I too was undecided which stand to buy - there's just so many out there. The helpful staff from SewandSo advised me. So 24 hours after placing the order I have now received delivery, and set up my Lowery workstand in half and hour complete with LOADS of accessories. It's positioned with its foot under my big comfy armchair and even with a heavy lamp/magnifier attached is just fine. Bye bye back and shoulder ache. Hello stitching with pleasure.
Reviewed by Anon On 12th November 2015
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Lowery Workstand with Side Clamp - POWDER COATED SILVER GREY Lowery Workstand with Side Clamp - POWDER COATED SILVER GREY
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