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Knit Like a Latvian

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Knit like a Latvian offers a contemporary approach to traditional Latvian knitted mittens with variations for fingerless gloves and wrist warmers.

This collection of 50 patterns for traditional Latvian mittens, fingerless gloves and wrist warmers, is made easy for knitters of all abilities. Knitted mittens have played an important part in traditional Latvian culture: knitted mittens were traditionally given out to guests at Latvian weddings and little girls are still taught to knit at school from an early age.

The patterns include traditional Latvian design motifs and the text refers to some of the folk traditions surrounding knitted mittens in Latvia (for example, if you include the sun or ‘saule’ motif it is thought that the gloves will offer extra warmth to the wearer).

About the Author: Ieva Ozolina left her role as Chief Financial Officer at a large company in order to pursue her dream of opening a wool and knitting shop, Hobbywool. The shop is still open in the heart of old town Riga, Latvia, and Hobbywool is a family-run company, with Ieva’s husband and children all helping out with the business.