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DMC Metallic Threads

1998 - 2016 DMCDMC Metallic Threads are specially recommended for embroidery and CROS, or embellishing, on all types of fabrics (cotton, cotton/linen blends, organdies etc.).This wide range of threads can be used for hand or machine embroidery to add a brilliant touch and a metallic sheen to embroidered designs.They can also be mixed with other threads or yarns to give a sparkle to crochet or knitting.

282 - Light Gold Divisible DMC Metallic Spool
Code: 967518
In Stock
284 - Gold Divisible DMC Metallic Spool
Code: 967671
In Stock
283 - Light Silver Divisible DMC Metallic Spo
Code: 968163
In Stock
DMC Limited Edition Golden Skein
Code: 2001286
In Stock
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