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DIY Kids' Dress Up - ebook

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DIY Kids' Dress Up is a unique collection of over 36 dress up accessories to encourage children’s imaginative play - a subject currently trending among parenting and education bloggers.

Lots of parents are looking for ways to get their little ones away from screens and this collection of dressing up accessories will capture any child's imagination. Whether it's the mystical unicorn or a superhero with special powers - there is something for every child.

The collection includes a basic pattern for a mask, tail and paws and variations for styling them to create different animals and creatures. There are four fantastical categories for the variations: Wild Animals, Mythical Creatures, Birds and Super Heroes. Step by step instructions are included for all the techniques and, because the accessories are made using felt, they are suitable for even absolute beginners to tackle.

About the Author: Jessica Near has a successful business selling ready made kids' accessories for dressing up fun – this book will enable sewists to recreate her fantastic designs. Jessica’s business Opposite of Far was also one of the top 10 winners of USA Today’s 10 Best 2016 in the category ‘Makers in the USA: Best Children & Families’. https://oppositeoffar.com/