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Diamond Painting

Welcome to diamond painting, an amazing new craft craze. If you love cross stitch, we think you're going to love this diamond painting cross stitch technique.

Create stunning, intricate designs.
Simple to learn...start creating right away.
Relaxing and hugely satisfying.


The Diamond painting technique is a relaxing and easy technique where you create beautiful designs with intricate diamond beads.


Using an easy handle tool (stylus), simply pick up a facet and place it onto the matching square on the sticky printed fabric, similarly to cross stitch where each cross stitch is transferred to a fabric by matching the weave of the fabric to the squares of the pattern. The end result will shimmer with brilliance!

The simple technique makes it possible to complete even larger designs in a matter of days. Easy and fun, the diamond painting cross stitch technique is fiendishly addictive and our diamond painting kits are a fun and challenging introduction to the new craft. Find out more in the video below:

Easy Diamond Painting Kits


Challenging Diamond Painting Kits

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