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New Releases in Cross Stitch Kits

Top Reviewed Products in Cross Stitch Kits

Ruby Cross Stitch Kit
This has been a pleasure to stitch so far. This is the first time in many years i have stitched on coloured aida and its a refreshing change! The colours are so bold and bright and the chart is easy to follow. I'm yet to add the embellishments. It will be the first time i have every added anything like it to my work, so i am a bit nervous, but it looks fab so far and will definitely be stitching the whole series.
Medieval Garden Scissor Keep Cross Stitch Kit
My mother made me this beautiful kit up as a surprise Christmas present for me (I was traveling at the time so she gave it to my boyfriend as it was very light in the luggage). It is just gorgeous. It is on 18 count aida so of course the stitches are quite small so you may want to have a magnifying light if you are doing any work at night, but by being on smaller aida the design appears much more intricate (even though it is in fact quite simple!!) I have used it to hold onto my clover cutter and every time I use it it reminds me of Mum! Nothing better in my humble opinion. :)

Top Reviewed Products in Cross Stitch Charts

LL060 - Celtic Winter Chart
Not a hard stitch at all, patience (and thread heaven for the metallic) are all that are needed. She will soon be keeping her Spring sister company!
Shy Love Chart Booklet
I just love the Soda Stitch designs.They are extremely pretty and easy to follow. The charts are all in colour, I find a lot easier than black and white.The attention to detail is out of this world.You can either use DMC or Anchor threads. Either one is listed inside.Go on, treat yourself.I am totally hooked on all the charts. And im sure once you have done one, you will want to continue to do more Soda Stitches.

New Releases in Tapestry & Long Stitch

Top Reviewed Products in Tapestry & Long Stitch

Acanthus and Vine Rug - Needlepoint Kit
Fantastic kit, can't wait to get started on this project, I've opened kit and it's well packed and has very usefull instructions.
Guardian Angel Tapestry Canvas
I have to say this canvas is amazing. I purchased it a long while back in remembrance of 2 babies I lost, but it took me a while to be able to do it. I completed it in 12 weeks over the summer and used dmc wool instead of the cotton. The result is gorgeous. I loved doing it and it looks amazing on the wall in a frame.

New Releases in Embroidery

Top Reviewed Products in Embroidery

The Skier Embroidery Kit
I stitched this a few years ago. It's an elegant picture and blackwork is generally fun to do. One problem, I ran out of the metallic thread. It could have been me losing some or not being economical with it but watch out for this. A nice picture though.
White Marking Pen - Fine
A new concept in 'marking' dark fabrics, this white marking pen leads the way in ease of use and effectiveness. Unlike 'chalk' this ball point pen delivers a white ink which will disappear under either an iron, or water. Quilters will love the accuracy they can achieve when marking fabrics with this pen, and as the ink dries it becomes brighter! There's no fear of leaving a permanent line, making it ideal for marking hand quilting patterns on any background. No wonder we sell so many!

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